2012 Prophetic Declaration

2012 Prophetic Declaration

Rev. Peter Kumar, December 31st, 2011

God crowns the year with goodness, 2012 will be a year of double portion.

Zechariah 9:12b “Even now, I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.

Prepare to possess a double portion

United States – Obama and Hillary Clinton’s positions and a few others in Europe will be much stronger than before.

1. The year will start with a lot of hope and promises from politicians. But about the end of June or July, there will be a major financial crisis. The US dollar will be devalued, it will shock the nation, many people lose jobs, houses; particularly the people who have jobs, retired people who are living on pensions, they need to prepare to receive the double portion, because the government cannot help. There will be a major crash. It needs time to recover.

Many people from around the world will come to invest in America.

2. There will be natural disasters, particularly in the West. There will be more fires, there will be earthquakes, there will be shaken in certain cities, there will be lost of lives. There will be more shaken in the nation, there will be tornadoes, hurricanes; these things will occur more frequent than before. God will shake America.

3. America will be more and more liberal. Many young children becoming pregnant. Lots of young people go to drugs. There will be lots of discouragement. People do not know what to do.

4. All the troops from overseas will be called back, from Afganistan and other countries. Because America must make peace with many organizations, with many countries, particularly Islamic countries. Because otherwise, the safety of the US will be threatened; therefore all the troops will be called back. Another major thing is the American Jews will leave America to go back to Israel

We need to pray, because we will possess double portion. Things will be changed in America, many things will be lost. But God said He will release double portion for whom who believe. Have faith and pray for America.


Many countries will collapse. Turkey will collapse very soon. Spain will be shaken. Many countries will be financially shaken. Many leadership will change. They cannot restore Europe. Many European countries will make agreement with China. China will be a super-force; therefore China will step in to rescue these countries. The value of the Euro will also go down. God is shaking Europe. In Europe racism will rise up because jobs opportunities will become lessened and less. But people will become more atheistic. They will refuse to believe in God. They will refuse to believe in the works of God, because people will become very discouraged. You will see these things happen in Europe, the strength of Europe will be diminished.


China will emerge as a superpower. Japan will have more earthquakes, more tsunamis, China will step into Japan to help Japan. China will also step in many other Asian countries, like Indonesia. Indonesia will boom in trades, in properties. But there will be many earthquakes, will be tsunamis. China will step in many countries as a rescuer. So people will look at China as a leader, as an elder brother. So china will emerge as a superpower. But China will slowly severe ties with the United States. China will wait for US to go down. Trade ties will slowly be severed other relationships between China and US will become more difficult. We need to pray against these things.

India will become prosperity; there will be also persecution of Christian. Churches will be burned down systematically. In India trades will be developed. Many Indian will go back from western countries, because opportunities in India will rise up. Many people will come to know the Lord, but there will be persecution in India. Even in India there will be earthquakes and hurricanes.


There will be prosperity, but there will be typhoons and hurricanes. There will be excessive rains, even the oceans will come into the cities. It will happen in New South Wales, in Queensland. God is going to shake these states. There will come a time, when the Australian dollar will dip. It will become very low, and then it will be recovered, but there will be a lot of political changes. In the political realm of Australia there will be many changes.

Middle East

Most of countries in Middle East, the person leaderships will be challenged, the monarchy will be challenged; particularly Barhain, Kuwait, Saudi. People are talking so much about democracy. There will be chaos and unrest. People will not have any hope, many people will die. But they will not be able to establish any stable government. During these seasons, the militants will rise up. They will try to run the country. In many Islamic countries, the militants will come to leader- ship. They will start running nations; they will indoctrinate the peace people to hate Israel. Palestine will become a separate entity. There will be a lot of things happen against Israel, and we will be able to see it.


On one side, there will be many plagues, unheard plagues will come to Africa. More and more people will die. There will be a huge revival. Churches will overflow. All across Africa, people will come to know the Lord Jesus, the power of Islam will be broken. Islam will diminish, Africa will rise up in a new way for the Lord Jesus. Many African leaders will raise up and call a federation, and they will become very strong. They will start running the affairs of Africa.


Everybody is watching Israel. Israel will prepare for a war, it will prepare to strike first. Israel is watching Iran and Turkey, and Israel will strike first. There will be many supernatural things happen in Israel. People will cry out to God for mercy. We will see them prepare to rebuild the temple. We will see it happening. There will be a lot of Jews from many nations return to Israel.

New Zealand

Will have more earthquakes. So many people leave Christchurch, but Wellington will be shaken. There will be unusual things come to Wellington.

South America

All South America countries will rise up in trades, in economy, in business. There will be unusual prosperity in South America nations.

Asia will become stronger and stronger. About April, certain thing will happen in China. China’s economy in will go down, but they are prepared for that; therefore they will soon recover.


The next two years will be golden years for Canada. Trade will increase, every industries oil, petroleum, metal, mining, real estates. Everything will rise up in Canada.